The Band is:
D.J. Pierno, bass
Gary Russon, guitar
Gary Petersen, drums

"And yet another powerful trio, and when they're all this good, it's a perfect pleasure. Catch Citizen Hypocrisy at their next gig and appreciate some of this hidden Utah talent."  Alan Roy Carrington

Citizen Hypocrisy is a stripped-down, plug-in and play rock and roll band that
formed in 2009 with D.J. Pierno, Gary Russon, and Gary Petersen. The members of the band have known each other for years and have participated together in other projects and bands.

Gary, D.J. and Gary are all passionate fans and students of rock music, in fact all types of music, that spans more than four decades. And it is the combining of these musical tastes that influences the Citizen Hypocrisy sound, songs, and vibe.

Citizen Hypocrisy has released two studio albums: Psychotropic Lie and the self-titled album, Citizen Hypocrisy;  two live recordings, Live at Burts, and Live at the Royal; and a collection of jams captured while the tape was running, Bootlegs, Basement Tapes, Jams, and Other Assorted Bits. A third studio album is expected to be released soon.

"This ain't wannabe hippie, jam band crap;
this is straight-up, plug-in and play rock and roll."


D.J. Pierno


Gary Petersen


Gary Russon